Washed vs Natural Coffee: What's the Difference?

Want to know more about the difference between washed and natural coffee? Here is a little coffee education for you! 

A coffee bean is actually the seed of a fruit. It is grown on a coffee tree, which is picked and processed removing the outer layer of fruit and drying the remaining seed to create what we recognize as green coffee.


The vast majority of coffee is processed through the "washed" process, where the fruit is removed from the seed with water and the seed is dried. This results in a cleaner and simpler coffee, which has only the flavors inherent in the seed. 

Some coffee, however, is dried through the "natural" process, where the fruit stays on the seed all the way until it is dry. This is used most often either in areas where water is scarce, or when the farmer wants to create a unique flavor. The fruit adds a lot more flavor to the coffee, creating interesting and complex fruity notes which make for a unique coffee tasting experience. 

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