Rooted in Community

I purchase my coffee beans through Seattle-based Mercon Specialty, who buys directly from farmers and provides support to improve farmers’ livelihoods. Mercon Specialty is a part of the LIFT program, which provides farmers direct access in small groups to technical support (an agronomist) to give them training and education on the best methods for environmental standards, social standards and ways to improve their farm production so they can produce more high-quality coffee. This helps to create more sustainable income and a better community for the farmers. Mercon Specialty also gives directly to Seeds for Progress. So when I purchase coffee beans for Jocelyn Coffee Roasting, a portion of that money is helping to provide access to education in rural coffee communities. The coffee supply chain industry is a male-dominated one, which is why I want to put a spotlight on women producers and their stories. Most of my coffee currently is from women producers and my goal is to continue to feature them in JCR coffee.